Dwayne Johnson Claims He's in a New DC Movie

12 minutes ago - Can you smell what The Rock is cooking, fanboys? Dwayne Johnson tweets he's making a DC movie in 2014. Read More »

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Here's Every (Known) Call of Duty Ghosts Easter Egg

20 minutes ago - Easter Eggs are an essentuial part of any Call of Duty. Here's what's been discovered. Read More »

GTA Online: Rockstar's First Verified Jobs

30 minutes ago - We put together a montage of the first 10 jobs verified by Rockstar. Congrats to the community members and thanks for the new jobs we can all… See More »

First Photo From Guardians of the Galaxy

2 hours 15 minutes ago - Check out this new official photo and plot synopsis from next summer's Marvel movie, Guardians of the Galaxy. Read More »

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Director Peter Segal Talks Shazam Movie

2 hours 42 minutes ago - Grudge Match and Get Smart director talks about the difficulties of bringing DC's Captain Marvel to film. Read More »

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What's the Year's Best Movie Drama?

3 hours 21 minutes ago - Cast your vote for either Gravity, Captain Phillips, 12 Years a Slave, Inside Llewyn Davis, or The Wolf of Wall Street. Read More »

How to Unlock Assassin's Creed 4's Coolest Outfits

4 hours 20 minutes ago - Edward's various outfits and costume not only look cool, but can provide perks as well. Read More »

Wrestling: Daniel Bryan Joins the Wyatt Family

5 hours 12 minutes ago - Plus, a John Cena-free RAW, Brock Lesnar takes out Mark Henry, Batista set to return, Styles headed to ROH, and Wade Barrett predicts doom. Read More »

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64% Off Twilight Zone: The Complete Series

At Amazon - Today only, get this great deal on all 156 episodes of Rod Serling's classic television series in one box set. This collection includes all 5 seasons of the groundbreaking TV series. Get Deal »


Year-End Deals in Video Games

At Amazon - Save up to 80% Off on great games like Far Cry 3, The Walking Dead Pack, Metro 2033, DuckTales Remastered, and many more. Get Deal »

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Devil's Third Is Coming In 2014

6 hours 25 minutes ago - The third-person shooter from the creator of Dead or Alive is almost complete. Read More »

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Warframe May Come to Xbox One

6 hours 26 minutes ago - A PEGI rating might have outed Warframe's transition to Microsoft's new console. Read More »

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Titanfall Sniping Confirmed, Won't Include Quickscoping and No-scoping

6 hours 54 minutes ago - Respawn lets us in on a little Titanfall tidbit. Read More »

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NASA Uses Kinect and Oculus Rift to Control A Robotic Arm

7 hours 30 minutes ago - By combining the tracking mechanisms of the two technologies, NASA is able to control robots. Read More »

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Joel McHale on Community's (and Dan Harmon's) Return

7 hours 31 minutes ago - Community star Joel McHale talks to IGN about his successful fight to bring Dan Harmon back for Season 5 and Jeff becoming a teacher this year. Read More »

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Mac Pro Teardown Reveals Upgradable CPU

7 hours 46 minutes ago - The team at iFixit have torn apart Apple's completely redesigned Mac Pro, exposing a surprisingly easy-to-repair compact computer. Read More »

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Here's Stephen Colbert's Hobbit Cameo

8 hours 1 minute ago - TV star and Tolkien nut Stephen Colbert reveals where eagle-eyed fans can see his cameo in the new Hobbit movie. Read More »

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This Is Japan's Very First PlayStation 4 Commercial

8 hours 3 minutes ago - Japanese gamers were asked to be patient as PlayStation 4 launched around the world, but not in Japan. Well, their time is now quickly approaching. Read More »

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Our Most-Played Games of 2013

8 hours 21 minutes ago - Some video games are so addictive that we found ourselves coming back to them over and over this year. Read More »

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Stephen King: The Master of Horror's Best Films

8 hours 21 minutes ago - How has Hollywood treated the horror author's work? We rank the best screen adaptations of Stephen King stories. See More »

Dead Rising: How to Craft Amazingly Destructive Weapons

9 hours 20 minutes ago - Here are the best combo weapons and the recipes you need to craft them. Read More »

Fire Emblem Awakening: How to Get Married and Make Awesome Kids

1 day ago - In Fire Emblem you can get married and have kids with special traits -- then send them to battle! Read More »

Hackers Take Down All The League of Legends Servers

1 day ago - League of Legends, Dota 2, Battle.net, EA.com, and Club Penguin all came under attack. Read More »

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